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Lake Jean Outing 11-27-05

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Pike Popper:
Made it out today with my two buddies and MikeThePike. Brought some ice spikes and rope just to be sure. Ice was a bare minimum of 2-2.5 inches, with some spots of 3 inches. Started off at the Eastern Boat Launch around 6:30 and stayed till around 9 without a single hit. Ice was a little "shaky" so we moved to the Western Boat Launch and fished near the dam. Once again we caught nothing. The sun came out and we were off that ice by 11AM sharp, with no extra time to spare. :) Good news is we didn't fall in but bad news is we got skunked. Better luck next time hopefully when ice is suitable again. All this ice will probably be gone by mid-week or so with rain expected and a low of 50 tomorrow night. Who knows though, cause when Mike was up here on Wednesday the spot we were fishing at was all open water, so hopefully it will be good and iced up again in two weeks if were lucky.

just a personal opinion but my life is more important than walking on 2 inch ice! I heard on the news in wisconsin a guy and his daughter both drowned while iceskating on 3 inches! Well atleast u were being safe! good luck next time! ;D

your only skunked lookin out your livingroom window  thankx for the view    cant wait    mofish :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo:

Fishing on ice 2 thick... or should I say thin!

That takes a set of major attachments.  ;D

You guys are hard core.

i wish a had the balls to do that, ice fishing in nov?  glad to hear it was a safe trip.  how deep is the water out from the dam? 


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