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We got ice!!!!!!Whooohoooo

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I was up at my brother-inlaw's cabin above minersville for thanksgiving. the lake there was frozen over, talk about jonesin, the geese could'nt get through it when they landed, funny sight. this 60 degree weather is gonna bite.

hey upcomeing weather is gonna suck but good news for guys in the se part of the state went by the nock and noticed the part of three mile run by thursdays truck accident was ice over as far as i could see lets keep prayin


--- Quote from: Icenutter on Nov 25, 2005, 07:00 AM ---Most of the smaller lakes (under 100 acres) here this morning were all skimmed over and locked up!  To bad we are going to be in the 50's and 60's next week.  The lakes are right where we need them to be for the next cold snap.  This is the earliest I think I have seen the lakes iced up.   :clap: :roflmao: :thumbsup:

--- End quote ---

Well I did it!  Actually stepped onto the ice on a lake (North Park Lake) in PA in November.  I went right through of course but I can still say I did it!  Hope the warm spell is short lived.  Bring on the cold!

WALLHANGER I LIVE 5 MINUTES FROM NORTH PARK WENT UP TO ARTHUR DRILLED 1 HOLE A HAIR MORE THAN 1" would have fished today if it stayed booger freeezin' maybe we will'hang' together one day  i like the way you check out the thickness .        mofish :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo: :cookoo:


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