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Ice fishing for Trout or Salmon near Reading, PA??

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Can anyone help point me to lakes or ponds near Reading, PA area where there are Trout or Salmon?  New to area and appreciate any information you can share with me.  Thanks! :tipup:

I'm sure that someone will chime in who has better info on your area than I do, but........ Go to the PA fish & boat commisions website, click on the winter trout stocking link and that should provide you with a list of stocked waters, broken down by county.

Pike Popper:
Try Antietam Lake in Reading

Its stocked with trout October 4th, December 6th, Feb 2nd

Kaerchers Creek Lake, Antietam Lake, Hopewell and Scott's Run Lakes(in French Creek State Park) I think all get stocked with trout and are all in Berks County.

Hey I'm fairly new here but I'll tell ya from first hand experience, try Kaerchers Creek for trout, caught several and lost more last year, no trout stamp required either! Maybe I'll see ya on the ice! ;D


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