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RV, Bryron said it very well. I got an fl8 in the beginning of january and you just can't imagin what it does for your ability to catch fish. It's almost cheeting when you use one. In a good year of icefishing I would catch maybe 200 fish. This year I was well over 1000. Maybe the fish were biting better but who know's. In my opinion around here the 8 is fine,however if you fish very deep water (40'+) you might want to save enough for the 18. Which ever one you choose you'll be very happy with it.

RV, I am certain that you will be very happy with the fl8. And they hold there value well, so you can always trade up later.

Red Lund:

I have the FL-8 and love it.  The one major shortcoming is it's ability to reject interference from other flashers, even with the 10 rejection settings.  For example, I fish with 2 guys who have Marcum LX-3's and they can drown me out with no problem, but I can't get rid of all of their interference.  Also, the Fl-8 has trouble at times rejecting interference from older B&W vex models.

So if you fish with other guys using flashers, I would look into the Marcum.

do you guys buy right from vexilar, or cabelas?  thanks for all the info.
going to get thefl8, just not sure of which ducer ???


--- Quote from: rose valley on Mar 28, 2005, 03:34 PM ---can someone tell me the difference between the the fl 8 with 19 ice ducer and
the fl 8 with 9 and 19 dual ice ducer.    and the difference between the fl8 and 18.
thanks   r.v.

--- End quote ---
    The 19 degree transducer is a wider cone angle, good for shallow water.  The 9 degree transducer is a narrow cone angle, good for deep water.  The dual transducer has both cone angles and is more expensive.  Vexilars web site has a lot of useful info on this subject.  I owned the fl8 and the fl-18 so I am familiar with both.  The biggest difference besides the price is the fl-18 has bottom lock, which is useful on soft water.   It also has a zoom feature for the bottom 6 feet of the water column.  The s cable is built into the unit but that isn't a big deal.  The fl8 is a great unit, is the fl-18 worth the extra buck?  You have to decide.


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