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can someone tell me the difference between the the fl 8 with 19 ice ducer and
the fl 8 with 9 and 19 dual ice ducer.    and the difference between the fl8 and 18.
thanks   r.v.

The difference between the 8 and 18 is the 18 has a bottom zoom in.


RV, try to bear with me ???

With the 19degree ducer, you will see about 3.3ft of the bottom for every ten feet of depth. So if you are in 30 feet of water, you will "see" an area about the size of a 10 foot circle.

With a 9degree ducer, you will see about 1.5ft of the bottom for every 10foot of depth.
Keep in mind that the area you are seeing is sort of a circle, depending on the bottom contores.
Also keep in mind that you will only see areas this large with the "gain" turned all the way up, which is not practical. So really, you are seeing an even smaller area.

Most guys prefer the 19 ducer for shallow water or a flat(or close to it) bottom. If you are fishing a dropoff, you will miss much of the bottom with the 19. The shallower side of the dropoff will be shown as the bottom, and the deeper end will be invisible, because in essence it is "below the bottom". The 9degree unit will show a smaller area, but will give more accuracy.

I prefer the 19 mode, because being a kid at heart, I like to see "bleeps" or fish.
You will see more fish with the 19, but will catch more of the fish that you see  with the 9

With the 19, a fish moving into the outer limits of your cone ( vision ) that is five feet of the bottom MIGHT appear to be right at your lure that is six inch's off the bottom. With the 9, you will probally not even see this particular fish. But the fish you do see are more likely to be where you think they are ;D ;D

If money is not an issue, buy the dual ducer unit with all the goodies. If you're on a budget like me, get a 19, learn how to use it, including it's limitations.

In closing I will tell you that any working flasher will improve your catch rate incredibly, and it's hard to beat any of the vex units.

Can only add that with 9 degree ducer it will pick up small jigs better in deep water .

mainly fishing small lakes, under 20ft, does this make a difference in which one is best?   byron, money is an issue, looking at the fl8 19 ducer package from cabelas 8)


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