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Ever wonder how people find this site ? Most probably heard about it on another board, I know I did, I replied to a question and some comments about another site and suddenly the whole thread is gone. Happens alot around here. I thought this board was about fishing and sharing information. There are many fishing boards out there and their members all recomend this site highly, it's ashame iceshanty feels the need to delete or censor normal conversation.

Several months ago I posted something about an event that involved another icefishing website. I was sent a PM by one of the moderaters, kindly asking me to delete the post, so as not to support competion to IS.
Was I irked? yup, Did I think it was silly, paranoid and childish? yup.
But then I thought about it and decided that I am but a guest in someone else's Shanty, and if the Shanty owner wishes me to abide by his rules, I can understand and live with that.
In fairness to the owners of other boards that I post on(ice and open water) I no longer mention IS on their boards, so as not to provide competion among sites.
I really enjoy posting on here, get lots of good information and have made some good friends here. I can live with whatever rules are laid out, real or imagined.


Pike Popper:
As long as we don't have to pay any Union fees ;D :D ::)

Yep I to have posted information for others that had been requested by them and it was delete because of competition factors.  If someone asks for help you should be able to toss them a bone with some option.  If this site and what they have to offer is of the highest quality or at least of a comparable quality.  Then they should not feel threatened and have to delete post that mention there competition. 



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