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Central PA rain???

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In my little world, outside of Harrisburg, the rain came down pretty hard last night and this morning >:(.

What about 100 miles north? Say in the Lycoming, Sullivan, Luzurn areas??

I'm still hard-up for ice, but have a disdain for slush ???

Thanks in advance............... .......Byron

Up here in Bradford Co we had a little rain, some snow, but most
important of all, the temp didn't go over 20 degrees today and the
wind chill was a lot colder than that. It didn't hurt the ice at all.
Hope this helps.

nepa old man:
Ice is good up north, you'll have to take the good with the bad, and slush is one of them, should firm up some by tomorrow.  :tipup:

Indiana and Cambria county areas there are still a couple lakes that are still good.  We didn't get the heavy rain, but the warm wind really hurt.  A couple lakes still reporting 6 to 8 inches, just watch the edges. 

been cold as hell in the williamsport area, lakes should be good this weekend,


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