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This is just for ny.    No prizes.     Just have to be from ny. the rules page.     

How do I upload pics of the fish


--- Quote from: Crappie!! on Jan 03, 2017, 12:52 PM ---How do I upload pics of the fish

--- End quote ---
get a photobucket account to upload your pictures there, then cut and paste the link into your entry post.
If still unsure.
Look here in the Q&A on the topic of Picture posting and or Here is how to post pictures.


--- Quote from: JTrottaNY on Jan 03, 2017, 09:12 AM ---So I joined the forum on 12/29/16 and just stumbled on this "contest", Sadly Ive already realeased a couple nice fish in 2017... did I miss some type of sign up or you just have to be registered with IS by  12/30?

--- End quote ---
No sign up needed.
Your profile shows your NY location and you are all set.
Please get an internet uploading website so that you can link your pictures to the forum.
See my post above this one or Look in the Q&A topic at the top of the forum.

Sorry ladies and gents,
I don't have the time this year to run and handle the N.Y. brag'n tourney.

It sucks, my job was eliminated back in Oct. and with my new employment, I don't have any extra time to handle this. I'll just be happy if I even get a handful of days on the ice this year.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe ice season.


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