Author Topic: "Midwinter" Pike strategies  (Read 2478 times)

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"Midwinter" Pike strategies
« on: Feb 10, 2021, 11:13 AM »
Hey all, I posted this in the state forums before  I realized there was a dedicated "Northern Pike" thread...

Been pike fishing for quite a bit now with varied success.  Like most people, early and late in the season has been the most productive times, with a midwinter lull.  Lately I have been trying to do some research on "midwinter" strategies for pike and article after article talks about pike following the baitfish and moving deep (sometimes as deep as 30+ feet).

Growing up fishing "traditional" pike strategies (less than 12 feet or so with weeds), I have never fished this way in the middle of winter (and I also have not been very productive!)

I am trying something new the last couple trips out and hitting deep water structure, points and sharp drops on the outside of bays with large shiners, suckers and dead bait suspended about halfway down the water column.  No luck so far, but has been fun to look at contour maps in a different way.

Anybody have any luck out deeper in the winter for pike?  I have to admit, it has been hard to pull myself out of those shallow bays!

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Re: "Midwinter" Pike strategies
« Reply #1 on: Feb 10, 2021, 10:40 PM »
Well, is this mid or late winter? I was out last weekend in sub zero temps with extreme wind-chill.  My buddy was holding his annual friends and family fishing contest. Multiple pike in 4-6 lb range in 5'-6' feet of water.  I also caught a 19" walleye in the same depth.  Day before I was on the same lake in a different spot, about 11' of water and around 1pm had a big walleye come to my bait from the shallower end of the bay. Water temp on my camera showed 44-45 degrees. In mid January, with warmer weather, temp was a few degrees colder, but a different lake. We've also only had a few inches of snow on our lakes at any given time.
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