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2 inch baby shad plastic ?


I got a bag of 2'' baby shad soft plastics as a gift and i am wondering if they would  be good in shallow water on a jig head under the ice for crappie ,  any thoughts ?

if you're talking about the bobby garland baby shads or similar knock offs.....yes, they do work for active fish.
at the very least, it can help draw fish in for a wider distance.

the lake fork live baby shads also work.

my favorite is a 3" reins bubbling shaker (pink for crappie)...super soft...has great action even in cold, icy water.

sometimes a little scent helps, too.

start big, fish high(er) for crappie, + fish early + late in the day.

if you're marking fish, but they won't bite - keep an extra rod or 2 w/ smaller stuff handy.


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