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Sylvan Lake report


Fished Sylvan yesterday with a couple of buddies.  Had a great day!  Lots of fun and BS slung about  ;)
Everyone also caught fish - mostly whites and one burb.  Also saw once of the large pike this lake is known for.  Would have loved to have seen a walleye and maybe another burb to two but otherwise I cannot complain.

We did end up at Palm Bay eventually.  Neat looking area with some decent weed structure for sure.  I never ice fished there until now.  Didn't get anything there but did see whites.   They had zero interest which surprised us a bit.  Goes to show that fish feed differently in different area on a lake.

Jpholic, we where at the Palm Bay East point in about 15 FOW.  So more away from the shacks.  I didn't see your shack until I finally drove over and found your shack behind another.  I didn't stop for a visit as I had to get back home.  Hope you had a good one as well.  Curious, how deep is it where you have the shack?

Only pic of the day, fresh fish for dinner

sounds a great day Snap~!

We're in about 12-13ft of water


--- Quote from: jpohlic on Feb 07, 2023, 08:17 AM ---We're in about 12-13ft of water

--- End quote ---

Good depth, thanks!


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