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Night Light Position


How far from the hole I am fishing and how deep relative to the bottom should I put my light?  I don't fish real deep usually in 10 to 15 feet and never over 30 as most lake I fish are about that at their deepest.  Water is clear to slightly stained.

Depending on your light, 10 to 15 feet away, about mid point in the water collum. Want to fish on the fringe edge of the cast light

Thanks for the reply.  Just noticed that sometimes the light doesn't seem to work all that good. Other times its is "lights out'!  I am not one to sit on the ice all night if the fish aren't biting.

hardwater diehard:
1/3 to 1/2 down the edges of the cast light .

What ever area you are fishing have your holes drilled way before dark ...there will a feeding frenzy before dark ...then a lull could be a long lull ... Set up the light before dark ...note dusk is about 45 min earlier underwater then on top . During the lull I put away gear and pack up all that I dont need .


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