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I just put a 6 inch Nils on my Clam Plate.  I have an 8 inch too.  But I just read a 15 crappie is 8 inches in height.  Will I lose fish I would have landed in a bigger hole???  What size hole do crappie fishermen use and why? 

Have you ever seen a crappie with an 8" BODY WIDTH?  Me either.  :woot:

Ronnie D:
I've always used a 6" auger for tipups and primarily target pike. I've pulled many a 30+ inch fish out of that size hole and lost a few also but in my 50 yrs on the ice I've never had or saw it happen and winter bass on a private lake can get quite fat. I've heard this story more than once though. It's usually a guy at the bait shop w/ a cover story about the filet-o-fish sandwich that's his dinner. Don't get sucked in to buying more gear because of a fish story, use what's been working and put the $$ in your gas tank.

I used 5" and 6" and have pulled many 14" crappies threw the hole with no problem. 

I like 8" hole for ever species,why go smaller if you already own a 8"?i set up 2 tipups for northerns and jig 1 rod and with a 8" hole i  dont have to pull the ducer out as much and know that any fish will come on thru.ive had a few large specks not fit in a 5" hole before.6" is doable but my drill setup cuts great with a 8" bit.


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