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Nighttime Fishing For Crappies (a Blog Post)


Fat Boy:
Various people across the internet have asked about how to catch fish at night through the ice.  So, I put together this blog post to tell people about my approach to finding crappie and catching them at night.  I hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to post your tips and methods as well.  Let's start a conversation.  What is your approach to nighttime crappie fishing?

Fat was not being updated for the longest time. Is that changed?

Fat Boy:
That's a great question, and I wish that I had a good answer.  I don't make money off the blog.  Rather, I write for the fun of it, and with the idea that maybe I can give something back to the communities that taught me so much in my life. Writing takes inspiration, and, quite honestly, sometimes life gets so overwhelming that something has to give.  Writing and editing take a lot of time.  During the years where my blog posts were sporadic at best, I was probably spending more time outdoors or doing other family related things.  My workload at work the past couple years has also put a strain on me, so the last thing that I wanted to do during my down time was "work".  I guess, even though I enjoy writing, it started to feel like work.

Recently, I got the bug again to write and decided to revive the blog.  My goal is to put out one post per week this year, and already I'm behind.  If I can finish the year with at least one blog post per month, then I'd say that I'm back on track.  Ideally, I'd like to post weekly.  Sometimes, that depends on the complexity of the topic and also how much time that I have.  Writing the articles isn't all that hard.  Proofing and editing is the hard part.

Thank you for following and I hope that, for those that stick with it and follow the blog, they enjoy or get something out of the posts.  I really appreciate your interest!  I'll do my best to stay on top of it.

Best wishes,


Uppervalley Kid:
Ive been using a light and have been having great luck this season.


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