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Any fishermen out there use the green fish lights that attract baitfish and zooplankton? i am thinking about picking one up, but i'd like to hear everyone's opinion of them and how they work or how they are rigged (how deep to put them under the ice or off the bottom). i've only heard of a few people using them, but never hear how they do. i guess if they caught crappies like mad everyone would have one. so, if anyone is in any way familiar with the green light, let me know, and let everyone else know as well.

i havent heard of them kind but those flurocarbon lights or whatever they are called attact fish.... most lights will do the trick all u have to do is wait the light will attract minnowws and the fish will follow

I've fished with the float lites in the summer and they did real well. Never used them ice fishing but I know up on the flowage they set there lanturns up on the ice for Crappies. I asked what they were up to because they were shoveling the snow down to the ice then setting there lanturns up. Was told they use this the same as the float lites. I know some guy swear by it. Would be interested how it works for you. :'(

I've never tried green, but I have a white light that I use in the spring. It is a 12v light that you submerge in the water. You can put it to whatever depth you want, down to I think 30'. You know for some reason I never thought about using it through the ice but I will definately give it a try. It seems to work in the spring, It really attracts the baitfish. Good fishing and stay safe   Biggjimm

Uppervalley Kid:
Ive been playing with one this year, I have had luck but it takes some time for the fish to come in. Ive been having better luck fishing on the outskirts of the light 10 ft down .


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