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What are your 3 favorite crappie lures?

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In order, what are your 3 favorite crappie lures and what (if any) plastics do you use with them?

Crappie are a recent occurance in our area, not much experience with them as you guys south of the border have, so I am making a 7 hour drive tomorrow to the Fargo fishing show, hoping to find a selection of crappie lures to bring back. I would appreciate any input. 

Slender spoon, Swedish pimple, jigging rap...I tip the spoons with a minnow head...  the slender spoons are killers on them around here.... you could keep it simple with a bobber, sinker, hook, and live minnow ...

PK Spoons, no bait, go for the agressive fish!  Use different colors till you hit the magic one.  I like the Bengal Tiger Glow best.

Replace the stock treble with one of these.

I really only have 2 baits I use for crappies, a 4mm or 5mm tungsten with a 1.5in plastic tipped with a spike or a 1/16oz slender spoon with the treble hook replaced by a Shrimpo jig/tail tipped with a spike

Figure ate:
Finicky bite: 4-5mm tungsten with buggy looking plastic or spikes.

Kastmaster jigging spoon, really small. Tipped with minnow head or spikes.

Hot bite/looking for bigger fish: Slab rap in the smaller size.


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