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To all Alberta IceShanty Members


Hey Everyone,

First off I would like to personally welcome all new members on the Alberta board, and welcome back our returning members. Looking forwards to another great year... that being said......

2015 is about over with and it was a great year for many, there were some decent reports coming in and some great pics, advice and info shared here on the Shanty!

2016 is almost upon us, and with the hard water season now in full swing throughout Alberta, many of you are hitting the ice, having a great day then coming on IceShanty to share your experience. We the admins and Mod team, who are all fellow outdoorsmen, truly appreciate hearing and reading about the adventures of our members, and encourage you to actively take part in this site.

IceShanty is a place for you to share your experiences, ask for advice and check out what others are up to. It's a common meeting ground for all of us to collectively share our passion for Ice Fishing.

With it being a Start of another new year and seeing many new members here, I want to remind everyone that is a "Family Friendly Site" geared at hard water enthusiast of all ages. While it is the discretion of the parents of our younger anglers, what threads they allow their children to read, It is up to each and everyone of you to do your part to keep it clean.

We encourage our members to refrain from retorting and replying to what we call "Toxic Posts" Please use the Report a Post feature, one of MODS will look into the situation.


Thank you,

Jonny Anvil


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