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I suggested this last year and it seemed to go over well, if we all post ice thicknesses we may prevent the unecassary death of a fellow ice angler or their family. Can we please continue to post regularily any trouble spots we find out there and share that info with all. I'll begin by saying I was at Fairfax lake yesterday and someone actually drove on the ice. They went right at the boat launch and down the lake (all I saw was their tire tracks) it's a good thing they turned right because I went left and my first hole was a solid 13 inches, my second hole not ten feet further was only six inches, with flood water on top. Please people walk out and test first, no ice freezes consistently, we all saw it last year with Global warming our winters are not what they used to be and ice safety is becoming a huge issue. Remember your insurance will not cover your vehicle going through the ice, and if you go with it, who will recover you? Lets ALL be safe and have the best year of ice fishing ever!

I saw two cars on Sylvan Lake yesterday parked together in front of the waterslides.  I haven't been on yet to check the ice.

Burnstick 8-10"
Spray 8"
PCR 8"
Pine 8-10"
Birch - 7"

Carson 8''

pigeon 8"


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