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Author Topic: Spots on Peck where you can catch a variety of species like walleyes and lakers  (Read 847 times)

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I am planning a trip to fort peck soon and was wondering where on peck you can chase multiple species in the same spot specifically walleyes and lake trout in the same area or a short distance... I was also wondering where the burbot like to stack up and spawn. Pm with any info as I would really appreciate it. I am not trying to snipe someones hot spot just an area where a can narrow down my search. Thank you!

Offline ice coach

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anywhere from hellcreek to the damn for walleye and lakers.

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Try the Dam,cast out towards the middle.
Dont ask

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One thing you might try when you get out there is talk to and support the local tackle shops.  Ask them what is working and buy some gear/bait from them.  They want you to be successful so you keep buying gear/bait from them.  They can offer up some suggested areas.  Good luck!

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A good place to start would be by calling and talking to bait shops out there, they could give you a general idea of where to start.

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The best place Iíve found it to drill a hole. If you donít catch anything in that hole, move to a new spot and drill another. Repeat until youíre satisfied or bald.

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As others have said, the lakers seem to be mostly from Hell Creek east to the dam.  I can't speak on the burbot as the only ones I have caught on Peck were by accident while targeting walleye and pike.

Your best bet is to call Clint at the Hell Creek Marina, Scott at the Fort Peck Marina, or Eddie at Lakeridge.  They can point you in the right direction and give you current ice condition reports.


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