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Compact Fish Finder
« on: Feb 10, 2021, 05:20 PM »
So instead of buying the Striker 4 Ice package,I went this route . Bought just the Striker 4 with two way transducer.I can use it on my canoe.Bought the ice transducer,A heavy duty 12 AH battery,and the Hawkeye Ice bag. This is the most compact bag out there ...that i could find to buy and at $20.00 delivered ,works for me. $270.00 complete,about the same as the Ice bundle,but beefier battery,both transducers,more compact bag( fits in my 5 gallon bucket ). I made an arm for the transducer,I dont like the foam in the hole.I can pick up and go to my other holes with transducer hanging and drop in and I'm ready.  I also like to dink around and make up stuff that fits my needs.There is also 1.0" of hard foam in bottom of bag for insulation.I sprayed the canvas with waterproofing.   See ya,Pete


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