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Author Topic: Anyone Target Echo lake, placid or Ninepipes for Bass under the ice?  (Read 419 times)

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I have tried every lake that I know of for bass including, upsata, kicking horse, ninepipes, pablo without much luck or very little luck. Was wondering if anybody had an idea where to get into them good... would appreciate any and all info whether a Pm or anything. Thanks!

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Haven't been over there in several years but we used to catch a few on Placid - look for shallow water (<10 feet) and weed beds.  If you are around Missoula, we have had some luck catching them out at Frenchtown Pond in the past.  They aren't real big but fun to catch.  Those Flathead/Mission water bodies you mentioned all have decent bass numbers I believe - maybe it is just a matter of finding them and knowing what to use to get them to bite. An underwater camera can help a lot to confirm they are there and how they are reacting to your presentation. Good luck!

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I have been catching a lot of bass on the Rapala rippin rap #4 , it's loud lipless crank that draws them in like a magnet. But if you can't get on them it probably won't help I guess  ??? Worth a shot


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