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Hello and Happy Holidays!

I am looking for some advise and opinion concerning an ice road or groomed trail I am proposing in Utah.

Strawberry Res Ut. A large (by our standards) high elevation lake (7600ft). Problem is we get lots of snow 200 to 300 in annually. So after a good snow access on the lake is a battle (deep snow and slush). There is limited experience with ice roads or grooming on lakes here so I am looking for solutions. I'm thinking an estimated 7 mile loop would give access to most of the bays. Is 7 miles to far? What methods, costs, maintenance, can you think of? Sound feasible?

Cold temps shouldn't be a problem Jan/Feb highs in the teens and lows well below 0. On an average yr max snow depth on land 5 ft and on the lake an average max ice slush thickness of 36 in. Bays freeze in mid Dec. And full cap by Jan 1. Ice off usually by mid march. Is this season to short to be worth it?

To sum it up. A sportmans access trail approx 7 miles ATV and snowmobile only. Any thoughts?


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