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Browne Lake


I am new to the area and was wondering if Browne lake between manila and vernal can be reached this time of year.  I know they close some of those roads off.


Baiter I wouldn't even bother over here on the Utah side, very few Utah boy's get on here. But for answer to the question is I believe you can get there on snow machine...

Hey be nice to the few at Utah   ;)2 I never been there but i have heard it is snowmobile access only . I seen a show on it a while back with some nice brookies coming from there . there are other Utah boards that can give you advice but I like the less crowded places even on the internet . :thumbsup:

I was going to mention hellsangler would be about the only guy to respond ;)2 on the Utah site! No I am not picking on the Utah boy's after all I am an X Utard my self.. Grew up in Roosevelt


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