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Hi all
Been Ice fiching since could woalk or close to it
fish in south west mn

Hey there guys! Im Dru. Ive lived in Waconia most of my life and I fish Lake Waconia, hydes, parley and whaletail. sometimes im lucky enough to go to Lake of the Woods

David Barber:
Welcome all!

Greetings from the West Metro! I fish Medicine, Independence and Parkers Lakes to name a few. I also try to get up to Mille Lacs a few times each season. Whenever I can I'll share what I've learned and look forward to hearing your insights and opinions. I'm looking forward to being an old pro at fishing hard water someday instead of being just old!

I'm Doug and I live in Little Falls, MN.  I moved out here from Colorado about 5 years ago and have been Ice Fishing since I got here.  I usually fish the Central MN area (Little Falls, Brainerd, St Cloud, Alex areas).


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