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where's the news??


I know you guys fish down there at least used to but your being awful quiet! How's pelican, strawberry, schole field, and the gorge?? Any body doing any good?

Only fishing I have done has been on the Gorge and I posted some pics on Wyo board . Everything is capped and fishing has been good reading other boards . I just have not ice fished Utah at all this season . Too many people to start with . Snow is deep on lots of lakes now so no desire to go out lately . I'm always on foot nowdays . If you need info on a certain lake I can do a search for ya on ice conditions . Strawberry has had the slush monster bad this year , so be careful . Bear Lake is still on the thin side with reports of 3" ice out in the middle .

No not looking for any paticular lakes just thought I would try to get something moving here on the utah side!


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