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My wife and I will be visiting friends in Eden, UT at the end of January (Superbowl Weekend).  We love all types of fishing - but she can't take the cold... so I've either gotta find a shack, or forgo this new fishing experience.   

I've made internet queries and phone calls - to no avail.  Rentals seem to be unavailable in Utah, and our friend (non-fishing, lives here in CA with a pad in Eden) says that we are barking up the wrong tree.

I usually kayak or surf fish in So. Cal. or Baja


but I am up for new fishing experiences wherever we go.  Plus I'd like to write a nice ice report for my friends on scsurffishing.com  Do any of you Utah locals know of a rental shack?  either from an outfitter or private party?  Heat would be nice.... widescreen TV and mini-bar are not required  :)

BTW - I respect the locals and their fishing spots, and DO NOT post exact locations or details.

I only know of one marina that rents them and that is along time ago . It depends on where you plan to fish . I would call the local marina to find out . You will be staying right next to Pineview , which has perch , crappie , bass , and tiger muskie and it is capping right now .

I haven't seen any shanty rental places around.  I fish pineview and causey quite a bit, but it wouldn't hurt to call and see.  If you hook into a tiger muskie, you will have to take pics and share with us.  Good luck and bring warm clothes, it is cold here.   ;D


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