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The hunt for walleye


So I have now fished 2 nights for walleye with no success. I have fished 4 pm to midnight 4 pm to 8 pm or so.I used 2-3 inch minnows 1st night and 4-6 inch minnows the next night. I set up 6 tip ups along an old river bed 6 inches to a foot off bottom. Still no luck. I have a couple more places I want to try. I have fished this lake year round and i find that after the sun sets the fishing out here always shuts off and I have little to no success at night , into the morning. Is it possible that The fish in this lake Just dont feed at night? I have heard of this before. If its true why would that be? any thoughts would be appreciated!

my best "eye action has always been 8:00 am to 11:00 am or the last 1/2hour of daylight and i try to keep my bait a little farther up, say 10" - 12" off the bottom, I try to stay with the smaller minnies ( i may not get as many big ones but i feel i get more action ) and they all get let go anyhow, I'd rather eat pearch and crappie


I pick the exact same spots to fish walleye in winter as i do in summer. Fish go to the areas for the same reasons. I choose smaller minnows also. I have not found walleyes to be as nocturnal during the winter. With the lack of food available during the winter, fish need to be more oppurtunistic. Good Luck.


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