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Do you guys go out when there are warm spells like this?


You dang right. These warm weather spells that slow the thickening of the ice are awesome times for fishing. Also, its just nice to sit on the ice and not think about where your gloves are. Just make sure you dont take a swim.

If these temps kept up for a few days would the ice still be safe?

Love to fish warm ice weather when I can.  Too bad I couldnt take advantage this weekend.

As far as safe ice....depends.  Warm air, especially with a wind like this weekend, kills ice over a few days on most waters.  Now secluded and shaded waters arent as affected as much, neither are lakes that have substantial ice (ice over 10-12").  But, lakes with 6" or under and are exposed are in danger of losing the ice if the weather is in the 40s for long.  Ice near shore, structure, shallow water, etc. will go first as it holds heat quicker.  Just take a spud and test it if you want to go.  Test every few steps (or less) and beware of any honeycombed ice as it can put you through even when it is thick.


I fished 5 hrs on friday and 6 hrs on Sunday.The Ice was still 5 inches thick !


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