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Does anyone the ice condition at deer creek resv. i am off monday and wanted to go over there and catch some perch and some eyes from a boat. Can you get a boat into the lake, and is there a boat ramp that can be reach. thanks for any information.

Ice is still on the lake but going fast . One good wind and it will be gone . If you haven't tried this site for live viewing of some lakes , you should . www.utahlakeview.com Utah Lake still has some ice in the harbor but for the most part it is open water . I been to Willard but not catching much .

This morning the ice is gone . Just like that on Utah Lake .
Here is my only fish yesterday on a spinner rig and worm . A Kitty .

Thats a nice fish, were was it caught. was it deer creek res. I want to catch some perch and some of those, and some eyes. What works well catching fish. thanks for any information.

Deer Creek , is opening up now . Should be able to fish some shore lines . Wind might blow tomorrow . I would throw rapalas or jigs for trout from shore . The eyes and perch will be deeper . I fished Utah Lake today but the skunk smell is on me . I caught that cat at Willard trolling for eyes with a worm harness .


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