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  I live in wyoming and i just bought a boat and me and my friend are going to go trolling for spring break. ( still in high school) and we wanted to fish Pelican Lake, Deer Creek Res. and Pineview Lake. Since we don't live in utah we wanted to know when the Ice is off and we can get a boat in and troll. I heard that Pelican has some nice blue gills, and Deer Creek res. has some walleyes and perch and so does Pineview for Musky, and perch. I am leaving for a LDS mission after school in June so we are going to fish for a whole week. Could anyone give me some pointers on where to go on these lakes, what to use for Perch, Bluegill, Musky, and Walleyes. I have never caught a musky or a walleye so could someone give me some pointers please. I know its icefishing chat but please help make this last fishing trip a good one. I will be going from the very end of march to april 8th. Thnaks for any help. Jake

Still iced up . What time is spring break ? Willard is ice free and Utah Lake is about 1/3 opened up and should be ice free by this weekend . If we continue to get some warm weather some waters will open up . I will try and keep this updated for you .

Going to Pineview tomorrow so I will give you a report on the ice and open water conditions.


9pm tonight

38 degrees

From the West side boat ramp

Ice was still 15 inches thick with about a 10 inch layer of slush

Slushy and crust ice for about 10 feet out from shore (knee deep, don't ask how I found that out), then nice hard water

With the warm weather we have been having, this may be the last weekend of hard ice on the Piner! :( :tipup:

Where are you going on your mission?

I don't know yet, but i am getting my papers to be sent in, in about the newt week or so. When i find out i will post my call. Thanks for the lake info. Jake :)


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