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Big suckers, dead or alive, are great bait for tip up pike.  Run them on a quick strike rig and you are in business.  For eyes, I prefer large fatheads.  They will eat bigger offerings as well, but I like the smaller minnow for any other random fish that may want a little morsel now and then.


 First I like to slide a button (shirt button)through two holes of the button on the line , clip on your weight and when it hits bottom slide the button to mark the depth (moving the button as you let the line out) Then I pull the weight back out.I slide the button down the line the length off the tip up that sets in the water so when the tip up is in the water it compensates for the ice depth as .Then I move the button down the line again , 3/4 of the length of the tip up base itself. Tie on a 3 to 5 inch shiner and your all set for walleye.Once that flag flies I let the fish run a bit.Once i feel a tug on the line I set the hook and pull em in!

My rig is a lot like goody's, I run the round frabill's with the black polar tip up line. Then a barrel swivel, then some mono, then a split shot and a circle hook. I've been using mine lately to target crappie, and it worked the other day, I caught a couple and missed some flags to. For northerns I also like the quick strike rig, results in less gut hooked fish. I usually use mine on the missi, the water is quite shallow. I usually try and set it about 2/3 of the way down.

Randy Cox:
With a crappie rig do you need to do anything to adjust the tip up for a smaller fish.  Would you suggest using small minnows or larger ones.  Or does that just depend on what the fish want that day?  Thanks

Well, if I am using it for crappie or yellow bass I put the flag on the lightest setting for one thing, almost make it a hair trigger as much as possible.  I then just use a crappie minnow on a #4 walleye hook.  I have even run a tiny ice jig and waxie off a tip up for gills with some success.  



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