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Randy Cox:
I have seen a lot op people using tips ups in the past few years, but I have never used one my self.  Being from central Iowa is it even worth my time?  With so many styles and price ranges at the stores it's hard to know where to begin.  Could anyone give me a little info on what brand, setup they have used in the past, and some suggestion on where to place the tipups. Thanks  :'(

 I run tip ups quite a fact, I just bought some strike sensors to make this a little easier to monitor.  I jig in my shack and have a tip up as a search line outside.  I have gone to using the round tip ups almost exclusively.  I prefer the Frabills, but the HT Polars are good as well (just dont stack in a bucket like the frabills).  Just run the black tip up line on them and then tie on about a 2-ft or so leader of 6lb mono to that with a bearing swivel.  I then use a single split shot and a #4 leech hook, typically colored or glow.  That is all there is to it.  Set the line just off the bottom or wherever in the water column and wait it out.  Like I said, since we can use two lines I jig and move around with the one and set the tip up in a prospective spot.  If I am after big game, such as pike, I scratch the mono and replace it with a steel leader and a quick-strike rig.  Any questions, let me know.


I use the new frabil magnetic tip up with the light on top  it pops up and the light turns on when it is reeling out.  They are great in the wind and bad weather we get on the ice. no flags to mess with and no false hits.  They also have a light bite setting so you can tip up for larger pan fish or anything.  I set up mine for larger fish and use 25 pound black tip up line with a 24'' steel black single strand leader.  then a 4 '' dead gill hooked to it  on a # 2 hook.  I fish it in shallow water less than 10 feet then walk away and go jigging in my clam.  I made 10'' round styrofoam hole covers to keep the hole from freezing over so that problem is solved.
  Team Hoosier  Indiana

Randy Cox:
Thanks to both of you for the info.  I do belive that I will be purchasing a couple of tip ups soon and trying them out.  Most of the places that I would be fishing would be for walleyes or northerns with the tip ups.  Do you have any other bait selections.  It seems that a 4" bluegill is very large. Woluld that be for a Northern or mabey a Muskie set?  What would you suggest for a walleye set? Once again thanks for the help.  Any info is always appreciated.

HI gang!
   Actually a 4'' gill is small going for decent size northern.  I know many guys who use 6'' or larger suckers and kill even mid size northern in the winter.
  Ill use cheap BIG smelt too about waleye I cant seem to catch that elusive dog!
  Just guess they dont like me.  Carp is going to show me how to catch them this winter RIGHT Carp!  Northern like big meals they are preditors and a big meal is way more than they can pass up cause they are lazy too.
 Now muskie  I dont know if I would want to fight a muskie by hand?  I do have kevlar butchers gloves  now so maybe the line wont bloody my hands like last year .  I was fighting a cat 18" and he tore up some leather gloves and my hands.  I just ate his steaks a few weeks ago.  It was worth the fight!  Espically when you win!
  Believe me when your fighting a fish with just your hands and line it is truely a fight to the finish.  Nothing comes thru the hole easily!  


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