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Randy Cox:
I have read a few people on this site saying that snow does not help to build ice.  Besides the normal factors like Air and Water temp what other factors affect ice build.  And if they help would you please send some to Central IA. :)

Wind is a major factor. It can keep the surface from closing up as the water pareticles cant freeze to each other. Also water current for the same reason.
Shes making ice here in NW IA right now, as its 1* outside.

How long do you think it will before it is safe to go ice fishing.  I haven't been able to check any bodies of water and I am itchin to get out.

I drove over Petoka on the way home from work tonight.  It was iced over from bank to bank.  Probably not very thick, but it's a start.  It's almost time!!


Petoka? where is that? I went ice fishing in IA for the third time today. So for u guys farther south it should be soon.


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