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 Hey ice bangers!

 I am new to the hard water world and am eager to get going. I am starting out with the basic setup. You know, Rod, reel, long johns, insulated cover-alls and boots.
 Any advice is appreciated. If anyone is in SW IA and wants to teach a green horn, drop me a line.

Hey BigDaddy you might want to go to this site and ask that ?.There's guys from that side of the state on there that might help you out.I'm in east central Iowa or I would.

Big Daddy-  Welp, sounds like you have the basics covered.  Where do you plan to fish...lakes (which ones), ponds?  That would be my first question.  I can try to steer you in the right direction, but need a little more to go from.  Basically, if you have a rod/reel, some jigs, some waxies, and something to make a hole in the ice with you can do ok.  However, a little more can really put a lot on the ice as well.  Get a flasher depth finder also...I run a vexilar fl-18, but before that I was using an old Silent-sixty one flasher....not as nice, but it worked just fine.  You would be shocked at how much good a flasher will do you on the ice.  If we ever get ice around, I would be glad to show you some of my tactics and pass along more info.  


Hi Gang!
Go to arrowheads and see what I told him .  You have to think saftey before you fish.


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