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Heard that the crappie fishing was real decent at the Coralville res last season. Of corse I was out of touch and just herad this. Anyone have any info as to where on the res, pattern, equip, etc. etc.? I've only tried the res a couple of times, several years ago, and failed miserably. Didn't know where to start, didn't do my home work, didn't have a plan etc. etc. Well I got started fishing on Rathbun and have been spoiled by the quality of the crappies; although last year I didn't do so hot but didn't get out as much as in other seasons. Well, sure would like to know more about Coralville, as it's much closer to home than Rathbun.


either the fishing was so bad or so good nobody want's to share success or admitt defeat.

Anybody got a line on the new CCB "no name" lake by Bertrum? Tryed to find this body of water last week, failed, I know Bertrum isn't that big , but I couldn't find it. How about a little help.......... so I'm not Lewis & Clark....



I live in North Liberty and would love to find a partner to help me catch some fish.  Post back if your interested.  the res is iced over as of today.

Today I was with the park ranger  who monitors and controls the dam, he said they are dropping the water level now. I know the ice isn't safe yet, but when it is, check the paper or call the Army Corp or Enginers # and see what the elevation of the lake is, and the out flow of water. If there is a poket of air between the ice and water it won't be very safe.


TroutMaster I go to college in Mt. Vernon and I would go Ice fishing with you.  Could you keep up to date on the ice down there at Lake McBride.  


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