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 ???hey, i'm trying to figure out how to jig up kokanee in this lake that's just filled with 'em.  hellsangler, i saw your pic on "show us what you look like" thread; did you have to troll to get into that koke?  have you ever iced 'em before?  thanks

Thru the ice I have caught them on pink rat finkies but I hear it is better to have a flasher (spoon) above the rat finkie to lure them in and sometimes they like lots of action to get them in the mood to bite . I'm better trolling or jigging them from shore in the spawn time .


is that a rat finkie?

No that is a Maniac Reaper design for bass in the pic , but the kokes took a liken to it that day . Somedays they are real aggressive and other days they have lockjaw . Thru the ice I catch them on rat finkies .  ;)2


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