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The Berry is capped .

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Strawberry Res. is capped . I walked on 6" of ice everywhere I went yesterday but could be some thinner ice out there so be careful . Mostly slot cutts but one bow at 23" 5.25# .

Nice Bow! What a way to start the season. Hope we here in Michigan get a season :(
How deep is the Res. you fish, and do you jig for those Cut's and Bow's?

I think it is about 90ft deep max on the side I was fishing on but the Soldier Creek side goes about 200' deep and I bet it still is not capped yet . I fish from 10' to 70' of water for most of the fish on the ice . Tube jigs 3" to 1" work and what I mainly fish with there . Ice fishing for Utah started with the smaller high lakes capping by Thanksgiving . Still waiting for some deeper big lakes to cap but most have ice now .

Aboslutely love Strawberry.  When I lived in Utah we fished Scofield until Strawberry froze over then that was all we needed.

Beautimus rainbow!  I'm from western Colorado and have been thinkin' the berry this winter.  I mainly use white tubes and brass kastmasters for trout here, will those work on berry cutts?


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