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I will be in Logan from around the 20th to the 28th and am looking for some ice.  Last time I was there, the guy at the fly shop on the south side of town said that people were fishing at Mantua and some lake/res east of Franklin or Preston.  The ice was pretty sketchy after xmas last year so I just stayed home instead.  This cold front is looking good for ice though, so I really want to hit some this year. 

Any suggestions on good spots to catch some fish, preferably something other than trout?  I like trout, but some variety in my life would be fun.


Mantua is getting harder now after that warm spell . I think it is your best choice too . I fished it last year after Christmas . I hear it has 3 to 4" of ice but there are methane holes (bubbler's) to watch out for . Trout :cutts and rainbows , Bluegills , Perch , Largemouth and a few smallmouth can be caught there . There are a few lakes up around woodruff that have ice but may need a snowmobile to get to them by then and they have trout . I keep a ear for more and report . I know Strawberry should be good to go by then but I think it is 180 miles from Logan but the fishing will be hot for big cutts . Lot of people from Cache Co.go up to Idaho to fish Daniels Res. by Malad and I hear it is capped but only trout in that water . Hyrum might get a cap if it get cold for a bit longer and it is closer to Logan . Willard might be a option but right now they are draining the lake to do dam repairs . Newton Res. I hear is starting to cap so it might be ready by the time you get here . Just hope for some more cold .

One thing I forgot to tell you was not to park on the dike at Mantua . If you do you will find a ticket on your vehicle . Parking at the boat ramp is the most popular spot to park .

Thanks for the info.  I hit Weston in Idaho today and caught some bows and perch.  Got a 3 day Idaho license, so will be fishing there for the nest 2 days as well.  Stopped by Newton on the way home  Still some open patches and the ice looked a little sketchy, but I didn't have time to see how thick it was.  I'll probably hit Mantua early next week.

I can't believe they wont let you say "D I K E" on here but don't park there . Newton had a fish kill 3 years ago because of low water so it is on the rebound and not many reports from there anymore . Hyrum is trying to cap now but may not be safe for a while .


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