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Ocean Lake 6 inches ice, plenty fish...


      That is from five minutes ago from Gary Gantenbein (Little's live baits) and he has plenty of live minnows. He's located off hy 26 south of Kinnear on Ocean Lake and his # is 307-856-2306...tight lines my bundled up buddies!  :roflmao: :clap:
                                                   The ex-Lt  :callcops:
     (Also, try B&K Shoreline at Boysen, right at the park's west entrance...course he's a late riser...place is prmarily a waterin' hole, but the gal told me good minnows about $5.00 a dozen.)

Good Copy LT,
Thanks for the Info!! :tipup:

That awesome news. I fished Ocean last year and even though we didnt really know where to fish, we fish the outlet by the big point and managed 5 walleyes. Do you guys have any other suggestions to where to fish it this year. Id like to explore a little. What depths, techniques, structure, ect. Where do people fish for of species also, like ling and perch. Be safe out there folks. Thanks in advance

Bill Bohman

Bill, I fished Dickersoin Park just east of the outlet and did pretty good considering I was finally on the ice at 2 pm...3 big 11 inch perch,   :roflmao:  fat and a small wally...got him on the tipup at dark. ling...bottom feeder and will eat most anything, anytime, anywhere. Perch...small minnows on a very light jigging pole with a 1/4 sinker on bottom, treble hook a few inches above with the "last supper". Structure...none in Ocean that I know of...the buggers just wander around, sorta like in a fish bowl.
                                        Theeee ex-Lt


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