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Personal best pike late season


Got out yesterday  a little bit later than planned  due to access issues, but had a hole drilled and the garmin down the hole by 8am.     3 medium pumpkimseed, and a baby bullhead kept me "busy" until 1pm or so.   After a good rip on the fish whistle, I decided I better change tactics.   I put my 28" UL away and grabbed my 42" H.  It wasn't long, before 1.5oz of fluttering metal and fish parts gained some attention .  A mark on my screen appeared, and held at about 11ft of water  over a 16ft bottom. Ages pass. Probly 25 minutes or so. Then I see the mark vanish, and feel my proverbial broomstick bend like putty.     The water level in the hole bobbed up and down, as the fish pumped harder, seeing the hole approach.    After another lifetime or two passed by, a cream colored chin, and what appeared to be a bear-trap, violently emerged from my hole.  Wrapping my arms around the suspected escaped aligator, or possibly baby orca,  I rolled through the slush, away from the hole. Once the splashing and cursing was over, I quickly realized what I had to do.         After a rushed drive home, I lit both my charcoal grills, and got to work.     46" and 27lbs of pike very quickly became dinner for everyone who had time to come over on such short notice. Definitely the best kickoff to April fishing ive ever had, and has me pumped to get the rod wrapper going so I can get my 10wt fly rod built.   :tipup:

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You missed April Fools day by 24 minutes.  ::)

You had me at fish whistle.

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