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Berry camp 2022


Made it up to the Berry Thursday-Sunday, the weather was great all weekend but the catching got worse each day we were there. Pretty sure the incoming storm and or the full moon had something to do with it. Either way fishing in jeans and shoes is nice weather, we even had a fire night in the tent circle. We found 18+in of ice with only 5-6in of cloudy on top. No deep slush was to be found this year. It did get a little soft during the peak of the day but all types of machines were moving around with ease. Between 5 of us we managed over 100 fish for the weekend with none coming in over the slot, many were under this year for sure. We fished 20-46FOW. Not many pics taken of fish as all were in the slot but here they are

Great trip for sure!  My stuff is up for the year now, which is depressing.  But already plotting for a great season starting late this year.  Thanks for the invite fellas, now I just need to nurse the sunburn I got on the ice over the weekend. 




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