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Ok guys. Burning question.

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This post has nothing to do with ice fishing, so first I apologize for that. 

   Many of us on this forum are avid hunters.  None of us want to be deaf from enjoying the the things we love.    Out of all the states that allow people to own firearm suppressors, only 2 states do not allow them for hunting.  Vermont is one of those 2 states.   I believe we need to show support and get that law changed asap. 
 Any thoughts folks?

Bob G.:
Iím surprised we can even get suppressors. I get the impression that our governor wants to make Vermont like other states even though most issues here are caused by people coming here from other states.

I agree that we should show support for the suppressor law and repeal the laws that were passed a few years ago.

I just feel that we should have the option to use them in the woods. Investing in a big bore air rifle just to have a quiet-ish alternative to my bow for big game is a rather large niche investment.   

The problem is that our law makers think suppressors are like they see in the movies, where a gun is suddenly silent.  They must think this will lead to poaching or something.  The thing is, suppressors are NOT silent.  They will definitely help with our hearing loss but a guy a couple hundred yards away will still hear your shot. 

At least this is my understanding from 2nd hand information.  A buddy of mine went through the process to get one for his .22.  It took 11 months to get approved.  When he got it, he was surprised how much noise he got from High Velocity .22's.  It helped, but it's not silent.  I've never heard a deer rifle with one .... but I'd like to try it.

In CT and both my sons have stamps for suppressors.

They really only do anything with sub sonic rounds. Anything over that is nothing but show, barely any noise is suppressed with higher velocity rounds.


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