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Ice Conditions Crown Point to Basin Harbor

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Anyone know what the ice conditions are after this warm spell from Crown Point to Basin Harbor? Looking to get over there tomorrow. Thanks for the help!

Fished tri town and potash the past two days. Plenty of ice, edges are getting pretty beat up Id be careful going on with a machine depending on where you are. Stepped to the bottom at tri town coming off but was only 8 of water. Friend of mine was north of basin harbor yesterday. He said the ice was fine. About 16+ everywhere Ive been out that way. Good luck

Careful crossing pressure ridges.

There's a series of ridges from Arnold's Bay. Folks couldn't cross the second ridge on an ATV Monday.  They picked their way across on foot.

The prior week, I had those ridges shift about 3 feet and make some nerve-racking crossings.  Not fun when there isn't a soul in sight.

And, there's at least one in Button Bay that starts at Button Island and runs southeast to shore.  I did see ATVs up there Monday.

There is also one coming from tri town that goes all the way across the lake that I would  not attempt to cross

Thanks everyone!


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