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Carmi ice conditions


Anyone been on carmi since the warm rain and wind? Curious the conditions. Same with Fairfield pond. Big lake is out for me all set with fishing a broken sheet of ice

I was there two days ago (2/22) and there were many trucks and lots of people out in the very middle.  They're still getting on at the Bowling Alley (north) beach even though the ruts in the snow looked deep but no problem for a 4WD vehicle.

How has the bite been on Carmi? Are people still driving on with trucks?

3/5/2022 24" of ice on Carmi  Roads plowed and trucks everywhere.  Bite was ok half bucket of Jumbo Perch/ few Bull head. No walleye targeted them for most of the day and couldn't get one on the ice.   

I was there yesterday 3/18.  Guys are still going on at the north beach ramp but I wouldn't recommend it.  Saw a half dozen guys running for flags out in the very middle.  I went to the state park launch and found the edge solid and an easy walk out.  Had to go so didn't stay to fish.


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