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Pre game ice time


Finally got the wife and daughter out for a little ice time at little creek reservoir in Randolph. Was a balmy 9deg when we arrived at 11am. Plenty of deer feeding in the area as usual. As we arrived at the pond I noticed a few vehicle tracks going right onto the ice and the wife gave me the look that meant I would be parking on the shore  ::) I knew the ice would be thick but man I barely made it thru with my Nils convertible. Must have been atleast 30in thick. Even though it was cold the sun was out in full force and we enjoyed a great day fishing and sledding. Left in time to catch the game and relax. The smiles tell the whole story

Nice to see that you were able to take your family out ice fishing and enjoy a good day on the ice. Hope the season doesn't end too quick this year!

Thanks Glen. I feel the same, this ice season needs to just keep on going. Maybe a little more snow would be nice. Temps have been doing ok at the areas we're still planning on fishing into March.


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