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Bear lake 2/8
« on: Feb 10, 2022, 07:35 AM »
Made a last minute decision to hit the Bear while the whole lake is capped and the ice is holding out ok. Ended up fishing at Cisco beach as the ice on the west side was being reported as not as thick and the fishing has been slower as the cisco were also being reported as not spawning over there this year. Should have went over there though as fishing was pretty slow for us. Upon arrival the stacked and refroze ice was definitely a sight to see. it had stack and refroze to a depth of 20in thick in some spots but some of the areas that had opened up and refroze were only 2.5in. So the ice was very inconsistent. We mainly fished on 6-7in. There were 4 other groups out fishing and I didn't see many fish caught. In our group we did pull both strains of white fish, lakers and mostly cuts up to 23in. Only seen one group dipping for cisco and it appeared they were getting some but they were just far enough away that I couldn't tell exactly. Here's a few pics but most of are the crazy looking stacked ice.

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