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A little late getting this report up but I ended up having a quick turn around and went up to Bear Lake Tuesday. After A bit of scouting we ended up fishing in big bend. The ice that had a skiff of snow on it was 8-10in and we were happy with camping on that for the weekend. We fished 10fow-90fow thru the weekend and had a pretty good pup bite all weekend. Biggest pup only went 23.5in but  they kept us busy and I ended up with more pups than I got all last year. There is a huge pressure ridge running from Rd8 all the way into big bend that kept us from fishing the better spots. We did cross it once and the ice shifted opening up a 3-4in gap so we got right back across it not wanting to chance getting stuck over on the other side, it shifted and heaved all weekend long. The spot we camped in provided some decent burbot action if you were fishing deeper than 20fow. I was camped in 14fow and only got 2 all weekend but the people fishing deeper pulled more than that each night. We had 2 days of wind and one day that was just beautiful so we were able to get the fire pit out one night which was nice. The wind has blown all kinds of sand on to the ice in big bend so keep your eyes open when deciding where to drill some holes as your auger will get dull real fast. Now for some pics.

Way to get on the fish guys! Looks like a great trip, especially with the fire pit.

Looks like fun!

Great trip here are a few pictures

It was a good trip and the fire burning on the ice is always the best part


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