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stick eyes:
According to the VSP log there is a jeep with a trailer partially submerged in missisquoi bay  near the Canadian order . Was just reported late this afternoon.   

The guy with the Jeep was by the mouth of the river from what Im hearing. That whole bay had 22+ as of yesterday. But the next few days wont help it.

20" plus around campbells. Warm weather will smooth out the ice nicely before single digits Friday, sat and sun nights to freeze everything back. As for the jeep, its on shad island. Always open water out there.

Pike Panther:
Thinking about driving from Sandy Point up to Campbells area to fish out of the truck becuase its going to be so windy tomorrow.  Anybody seen trucks still taking that route in the past few days?

from FB vt groups

‼️‼️ URGENT ‼️‼️
Please be advised - from Martindale Point across Martindale Reef and all the way to High Rocks there is an extremely dangerous crack in the ice that has heaved up and is impossible to cross. The ice is broken up for about 100 yards wide.


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