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Coming up to fish missisquoi over the weekend and wondered how the pike bite has been? Also wondering how much snow/ water is on the ice. I will be pulling on from Campbell bay campground area

I had rain last night/this morning and expect temps to fall soon so there won't be any snow on the ice, just watch out for soggy drifts on the edges.

Ok thatís awesome thanks for the reply! Figured there would still be a bunch of snow from the storm we had last week.

Heading up for my annual trip this weekend, Last year covid stopped our trip the for the first time in years. Glad to be getting back out. How thick is the Ice on Missisquoi this year? I know we have a bunch of thaws and freezes going on and next week looks warm. Just curious what the ice is starting at.
Hope all are well and having a great season.

I can't speak for the Missisquoi but I had a solid 14" north of the sand bar yesterday and I would think it's thicker north of there.
All the ice to want!


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