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The most common cutthroat you'll see in there is the Bonneville cutthroat as wyg&f does stock around 15000 annual 7-8 inches. The Colorado is native to the green but pry really only going to see them up in the tributaries of the green and they do not get stocked.The upper snake river cutthroat (fine spotted) are non native to the green but do get stocked in fontenelle. Looks like broodstock potentially as they are stocked at about 16+ inch 500-1000. Hopefully this helps.

Nice work you guys! Great fish and great pictures.. Thanks for the report.

Matt, glad you got into some nice trout. When I lived in Rock Springs I enjoyed fishing at Fontenelle. Used to like catching brown trout as there are some big ones in there and they are aggressive. 

Thanks guys, I'm pretty sure I caught at least 2 different strains of cuts as 2 looked a lot different than the biggest one. Your right Glen them browns were very aggressive on the deadstick.


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